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This Set includes  two best cups for the face, lips, neck and decolletage - the 25 mm diameter cup and the 35 mm diameter cup. 

You can switch them according to the size of your face areas.


Facial cupping benefits:


promotes circulation and the skin glow; 

minimizes the appearance of scars, fine lines, and wrinkles;

decreases puffiness;

regulates oil production;

improves nutrient delivery and product absorption;

helps to get rid of toxins;

stimulates the cells responsible for collagen production.



Facial cupping set is your go-to kit for professional use or home self-care application. 


Please carefully read the general guidlines and the safety guide below.



Facial cupping set

kr 379,00Price
  • Step 1: Wash your face and pat dry.


    Step 2: Apply the appropriate amount of facial oil to make sure the cups can glide easily.


    Step 3: Start cupping with the décolletage and the neck and move upward following the guidance. Make long strokes using low suction. You can regulate the power of suction using the rubber bulb. Gently release the cup at the end of each stroke. Repeat each stroke 3 times. Switch the cups according to size of your face. Please use you free hand to support the tissues and avoid stretching the skin.


    Step 4: After cupping, cleanse your face thoroughly. Make sure to drink plenty of water.


    Step 5: Please wash your cups with hot water and soap after using. Remove the rubber bulb before washing.




    Don`t let the cup sit in place; that can cause bruising. Keep it moving! 

    Don`t do cupping if you have fever, common cold or any other active infection. 

    Don`t do facial cupping more than once a week.

    Don`t do cupping on any areas that have broken capillaries. 

    Don`t do cupping over fresh Botox and fillers. 

    Don`t go over infected, inflamed or damaged skin.

    Don`t use strong suction.

    Remove your cup slowly and gently – do not pull abruptly


    Do you have any questions about facial cupping? Just send me a message through the contact form.


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