Sculptural facelift

60 min – 825 dkk

75 min (first visit only) – 825 dkk

90 min – 1200 dkk

Maria’s signature treatment. 


A bespoke blend of advanced face massage addressing each muscle throughout face, neck, décolletage and both inside and outside of mouth. Tension melting techniques work to release stagnation and stress patterns, sculpting and lifting techniques restore complexion and dramatically rejuvenate the face. 

May include cupping, jade stones and other modalities, according to complexion needs.

Analog alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures, this treatment  is highly recommended for those who is looking for all-natural facial lifting and rejuvenation. Can be also recommended as an ageing preventative measure.


Although you can see a difference after only one treatment, the effects are cumulative and work best over a course of 4-5  weekly or bi weekly treatments available for booking in a package of 4 or more treatments with 10% discount.

Sculptural facelift had been nominated as The best beauty treatment of the year at The Danish beauty awards 2019. 


Seasonal treat. Extra hydration.

60 min – 920 dkk


Allow yourself to forget about bad weather, grey days and stress with deep relaxing combination of advanced facial massage and power of plant medicine.


Hot Gua sha and sculpting spoons will open up the lymphatic pathways for better circulation, reduce stagnation in the tissues and prepare the skin for the following herbal mask, elevating its penetration. It feels so amazing on the skin.


100% whole plant organic mask from Laurel skincare will deliver nutrients and extra hydration for the skin to make it ready for winter. 

Buccal & Gua sha facial

75 min – 900 dkk


Monthly essential session with tissue-transforming results. 


Focus on tension melting buccal massage and crystal-aided facial Gua Sha, mindfully tailored to your skin. 

I recommend this service for those who want to rejuvenate and illuminate the skin before a special event, and for those who simply need a moment away from busy lives to relax and restore a natural glow.

facial cupping

50 min – 650 dkk

This is a restorative treatment combined with facial cupping therapy to stimulate and detoxify your skin. Suction cups gently hug the skin increasing circulation, reducing puffiness and promoting cell repair. It also minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


The treatment is not recommended  for those who have rosacea, acne or very sensitive and reactive skin. 

Ageless man

55 min – 750 dkk

A bespoke blend of deep tissue massage releasing muscle tension in the shoulders, neck and face. Extra focus on the jaw and forehead muscles to release the stress patterns and prevent teeth grinding.

The treatment combined with the relaxing scalp massage.


May include facial gua sha according to the complexion needs.


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