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facial cupping


Individual virtual classes

For those who want a personal approach

Maria offers Facial Gua Sha and Facial cupping one-to-one individual classes through ZOOM. 

During these classes the focus is on your complexion and personal needs. Individual work always brings the most effective results.

You can read more and book individual virtual classes in the booking section here:

Pre-recorded video guides

If you feel confident and you don’t need personal guidance you can purchase pre-recorded class below. 

Facial cupping, self-care ritual

Facial cupping, self-care ritual

Watch Preview
Buy DKK 650

This pre-recorded facial cupping class includes 35-min video with all the theory behind this modality and demonstration of the full ritual:

  • contraindications for the treatment

  • how to use facial cups properly and safe

  • how to prepare the face for the treatment

  • how often to perform the ritual

  • how to lift, sculpt, drain and improve the skin tone


After the purchase you will be able to watch the video anytime. 


This class requires no professional background - and will work for anyone from beginners to those who already know cupping technique but want to improve the skills.

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