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Ageing is not merely a skin problem. Wrinkles that appear on the surface of the skin are result of the face muscle tension, which is build up by our mimic patterns, thoughts and emotions. 


Matter or fact the safest and the most effective way to diagnose and fix it is manual. There is no technology or tool which can replace hands. 


Here at AGELESSFACE I offer exclusive blend of deep tissue massage, buccal massage, cupping, Gua sha, aroma therapy and other all-natural rejuvenation methods to keep you young and beautiful. During the treatments I use only natural and ecological skincare products and therapeutical grade essential oils.

I would highly recommend all new customers  book Sculptural facelift initial session for the first visit. This session starts with diagnosis and assessment of the face ageing changes. The knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of aging gives me precise skills to reveal the real causes of each change. Once the diagnosis is made, I can offer a tailored algorithm and methods for the most effective results.

- Maria Zabrodina,

owner and founder of AGELESSFACE studio

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