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holistic beauty and wellness studio

Alternative face and body treatments to naturally prevent and target age-related changes

"Everything is connected in the body. Often, changes in facial complexion originate far from the face due to dysfunctions in connective tissue, bones, ligaments, muscles, and more. Treating the root cause of the problem helps achieve not only aesthetic improvement but also triggers self-restoration and rejuvenation processes in the tissue.


My treatments combine powerful osteopathic techniques and advanced massage modalities customized to your requests and body needs. I approach  face and body as a whole, providing optimal solutions to achieve your desired results. Since each individual is unique, no two treatments are alike.


Whether you're concerned about signs of aging, body asymmetry and stiffness, puffiness and poor lymphatic movement, or simply seeking a moment of relaxation from a busy life, I can provide a solution."

- Maria Zabro, founder of Agelessface

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Howitzvej 23, Frederiksberg  2000

Tel: +45 61 41 67 99

CVR: 39710005

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