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welcome to AGELESSFACE

AGELESSFACE is a holistic facelift studio located in Copenhagen offering bespoke facial treatments with magic transformational results. 


"I specialise in all-natural anti-ageinig techniques including buccal massage, gua sha, facial cupping, intuitive energy work and deep restorative techniques. 


My treatments go beyond the surface of the skin promoting healing and rejuvenation of the tissues in all levels.


Whether you’re concerned about the signs of ageing, tension in the face or neck, loss of volume, puffiness or just want to have a moment away from a busy life - I can offer a solution."


 - Maria Zabro,

owner and founder of AGELESSFACE.



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Howitzvej 23, Frederiksberg  2000

Tel: +45 61 41 67 99

CVR: 39710005

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